Lets talk about Buffet

When you are thinking about planning a Buffet event, whether its for a large gathering like a wedding, Bat Mitzvah or milestone celebration or something more intimate for close family and friends, the food selection, the presentation and the execution is every bit as important each time.

It is one of favourite configurations of celebrations. There is definitely a vibe with the clattering of plates the awed discussion of the food choices and the air of wonder “could I come back for more”.

There’s joy, there’s laughter and as it’s less formal than A La Carte, it’s casual but delicious. From a cost point of view it’s appropriate and when you factor in our team doing All the legwork from setting out the buffet (and by the way it must look spectacular) to organising equipment and staff not to meantime the clean up after, its truly is a home gift.

We have a variety of menu options and like to factor in seasonally relevant dishes but are very flexible when it comes to special requests or dietary needs.

Here’s a snapshot of a recent client’s event. It was to celebrate the 90th birthday of a beautiful soul so in addition to our usual services, we made this extra special including complimentary balloons, flowers and white linen tablecloths – we were so lucky to be a part of such a mammoth celebration.
Gwen chose as her menu:

Arrival canapes – not everyone choses to have canapes but it certainly sets the scene. Guests receive a drink on arrival and our staff offer them delicious morsels. In this case Vodka & beetroot cured salmon on a fresh blini with horseradish cream. There is a lightness to this that’s always well received, and the hint of earthy beetroot compliments the rich salmon and punchy horseradish cream.

Pistachio herb and feta pesto arancini with garlic aioli. It’s an oldie but a goodie. We have a vast variety of arancini available to us and believe me it’s a happy day in the kitchen when we recipe test. Carb overload but so comforting. It’s a great vegetarian option and we have gluten free also available.

For mains she chose:
Succulent breast of chicken stuffed with creamy English spinach topped with crispy leek & almonds. Even as I watch the preparation of this unfold, I never tire of the expertise of the chef to get the balance of flavours perfect, but that chicken is always perfectly cooked. For the record we count a full chicken breast per serve so no skimping on quantities.

Cumin roast barramundi, pumpkin puree, spicy chorizo and tarragon butter. It was a genius move to pair barramundi with Cumin. There’s a hint of Morocco and combined with the velvet pumpkin and dash of meaty spice it’s a match made in heaven.

Side dishes to compliment this selection included Baked root vegetables with spinach and salsa verde. This dish covers lots of nutritional needs and who do not love crispy roast veggies – sauce can be on the side if requested.

Wild rocket parmesan salad with poached pear. It might sound simple and it’s one of my home favourites but the peppery rocket and sweet perfectly poached pear (you can add goats cheese and walnuts to bring it to next level) makes for a delightful accompaniment.

We finish off with a Petite Four platter that always looks too good to eat. Miniature classic tarts like lemon meringue, dark chocolate and pear tart in to name but a few adorned with edible flowers and gold crumble makes this platter most Instagram able..