Tips to plan and execute a fantastic party

It doesn’t seem like a difficult thing to do but if you really want your party to be the most memorable event for you and your guests, a little forward planning is important. Think of an event you attended in the past and identify what made them special. Set yourself some objectives and you’ll find it will help shape the direction that your event will take.
When it comes to food, we take your needs and vision very seriously. Consulting with you is pivotal to the success of your food service. Not only do we want to give you the most delicious, inventive produce, it’s also important we take time to consider dietary needs, your theme or special requests.

You will have done your research and something that is very important when choosing your provider is to look at testimonials. You can find ours on our website but if you need us to connect you to a client of ours for direct feedback, we can arrange that.

You can build your own bespoke package by choosing from the selections on our web page or you can download our menus to review and discuss with other parties. Either way, we will get a detailed quote to you within 24 hours and you will have full transparency of costs including any staff or equipment required.

When choosing your menu this is what you might like to consider:

  • What time of the year is your event? This is important so that the food is seasonal with light fresh offerings for the warmer months and warm and hearty in cooler weather.
  • When it comes to canapes, we typically provide 1-2 pieces per person but allow us to guide you on providing extra quantities of absolute favourites.
  • Dietary requirements. It is important you have an idea of guests who have intolerances or allergies. All guests need to be fed equally and if you need to include specific dishes for dietary needs, talk to us we can make suggestions and tweak some offerings to make them friendly for all.
  • Who are your audience? We know from experience that the needs of a teenager versus a “mature” adult can be very different. It’s always an option to create a package that suits both, that way you can be confident all palates will be satiated and there will be less if any leftovers.
  • Will you be requiring staff? That might sound like a silly question but in essence some people like to take delivery of canapes or buffet dishes themselves and if there is any need for reheating or assembling, we will provide you with instructions. We know it’s a way to keep the costs down while maintaining a high quality product.
  • We will have access to your kitchen or a kitchen on the premises? Once you’ve chosen your menu, 80% of the work in putting it together happens in our kitchen the final flourish and plating is done onsite so that any dishes that need to be warm can be cooked to order. The chef then creatively plates the dishes ready for distribution.
  • Staff – after all the work is done and your guests are ready to be fed, our highly trained staff take over. Let me tell you there is an absolute Art to moving through a room with trays of delicate food. It’s so important that each guest gets access to everything on offer and even those lurking around the kitchen will have to share. It’s like a ballet and it’s imperative to a fluid, seamless service. We often get asked if the host can provide their own staff often in the form of family or friends. We do consider that but always need to help reiterate to the host that any allocated friends or family need to be completely available for that service – no champagne for this guest until the end of service!
  • Do you have other staging or styling requirements? We like to provide a one stop shop solution so we have partnered with Event Planners, Stylist, Photographers and Florists so speak to us about any extras.
  • Don’t worry about clearing everything away, that’s all part of the package. Our team arrive an hour in advance of service to setup and pre and stay an hour after to leave everything back in order.